Our Courses and Workshops are run by Professional Trainers, whose main objective is managing attendees to incorporate the best practices in order to correlate them with their daily activities

Concept incorporation is performed through a preliminary theoretical introduction given by the Trainers, followed by Individual and Team activities that allow attendees –through personal experience– to hold, fix and retain the concepts delivered.

The main characteristics of our method are:

  • Alternative training with development of analogies for the fixation of concepts
  • Dynamic, informal and funny Sessions, with high remembering power.
  • Theoretical and practical Exercises (Most of them of our own creation), with slide projections and Videos to manage the fixation of concepts
  • Real Interaction between  Trainers and Attendees through open debates Expositions and plenary sessions
  • Role–Plays related to company´s daily experiences
  • Printed material useful for later reviews of the covered topics

And as an option, in case of being asked by the company, we offer the following related services:

  • Attendees´s Behavioral Reports           
  • Follow-up Application of the acquired knowledge
  • Post Course Coaching Process

We also offer “Tailor Made” Courses according to our Clients specific needs.

We invite you to check our Web Page to learn about some of the courses that we are currently running. Each of them takes a special adaptation for each single client, depending on the needs identified in the preliminary interviews.

We can expand on this information through a private interview, to talk more deeply about the topics that could be interesting for each company.