Our selection process is based on the search of qualified Human Resources with
development  potential according to the objectives of the organization.

Our main services include:

  • External Recruitment.
  • Internal Recruitment.
  • Assessment Center Evaluations.
  • Potential Evaluations.
  • Psychotechnical Evaluations.


Talents are special human resources that represent the "Competitive advantage" of the organization differentiating it from the competition.

It is no longer enough to properly cover the position based on a correct Job Description but it is neccesary to both recruit and retain the Talents that will lead to mark the success of the organization.

Our main services include:

  • Identifying key areas and processes that require Talents.
  • Elaborating Talent Description.
  • Seeking Internal or external Talent.
  • Suggesting of complementary training activities for those Talents who need to develop new skills.
  • Suggesting Talent retention policy specifications.


We establish a link with Companies so that they build motivated and efficient working teams integrated with the Business, thus allowing mutual development.

Our main services include:

  • Auditing and Planning of Human Assets and/or HHRR Department
  • Performance Evaluation Programs
  • Surveys of Organization Environment, Satisfaction Level and Commitment Level
  • Manager and Supervisor Coaching
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Redesigning Organization Charts and  Employee Tasks
  • Development Programs Planning
  • Designing Benefits and Financial Compensation Policies
  • Top Managers and Middle Managers Outplacement Services
  • Top Managers and Middle Managers Selplacement Services (Coaching and Career development)
  • Support and professional Advice to collaborators in those organizations which undergone restructuring procesess 
  • General Human Resources Advisory Services


We accomplish the Human Resources Department Role in Organizations that do not own one,  aligning the Human Resources Policies and strategies with those of the business.

Our main services include:

  • Designing, implementing and following up Development and Training Programs
  • Designing and Updating Jobs Profiles
  • Designing Internal Communication Processes
  • Preparing / Elaborating Succession Plans
  • Designing and implementing Human Resources Policies and Procedures. (Recruitment, Induction, Quitting Interview, Benefits and Financial Compensations, Personnel Files, Etc.)
  • Adapting Human Resources Policies according to Headquarter Rules and Regional Controllers
  • Interacting between the different departments of the company, to generate fluid contact with Managers and employees.


We provide resources specialists in HR for the development of many tasks of the Area at customer´s premises, during an agreed schedule.

These customer´s tasks will be assigned and controled by the customer´s HHRR responsible.

Update meetings will be performed on regular basis between the customer´s HHRR representative and MCV for the progress of the tasks.

As an example, below are some of the tasks to be developed by the In-plant resource:

  • Archiving area documentacion
  • Updating personal files
  • Providing training activities assistance and support
  • Giving recruitment assistance
  • Writing HHRR area Reports
  • Compiling Legal Files
  • Supporting HHRR in the development of all area tasks


A HH.RR audit reveals how well the organizations are prepared to face enlargement procesess and the development of new Business Units

The service includes the analysis of the current HH.RR structure, both in its quantitative and the qualitative aspects, identifying the main strengths and weaknesess of the employees.

The main steps of the auditing service comprise:

  • Launching: Carrying out interviews with the Board of the organization. Gathering information reegarding needs, concerns and expectations about the task to developed. Formal communication to the personnel about the Auditing process to be developed, its purpose, and how it will be carried out.
  • Field Work: Analyzing the formal and informal Organization Chart of the company. Analyzing the responsabilities and formal requirements from each job position. Carrying out individual interviews to identify and describe: • Technical and interpersonal skills, and leadership resources. Interests, expectations and development potential of each employee. • Professional and labor expectations in the short, middle, middle and long term. • Level of Identification  with the organization and level of commitment with regard to potential career development.
  • Diagnosis and Proposals: Reports on the conclusions from individual Employee interviews as well as reports addressed to the relevant areas and to the Organization. Those reports will include information about: • Current labor situation. • Viable objectives in the short, middle and long term. • Aspects to be improved. • Suggested actions: Training Plans, Individual/group coaching, etc.